Welcome to the latest version of NEO-WX! NEO-WX is North Eastern Ohio Weather pertinant to aviation.I made the original version of this product to better organize the many weather products I used to assist pre-flight weather breifings. It's a great tool to see what weather is happening in Northeastern Ohio. NEO-WX Does NOT constitute an official FAA weather breifing. You are not satisfying Federal Aviation Regulations if you use only NEO-WX for a weather briefing. Do not use NEO-WX for "tactical" weather naviagion. These images are "weather products" from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Weather Service, and Federal Avbiation Administration, made available through www.aviationweather.gov, and as such, there is a significant delay between what you see, and what is actually happening.

PLEASE SEE U.S.-C.F.R. TITLE 14 PART 91 SECTION 103 "Preflight Action".